Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Staycation part 3 - at last some DIY

Why is it when you approach any DIY project the amount of mess generated is far, far beyond the size of the job you are doing? We only had to tile a small area of the bathroom but in no time at all it looked like this...

Here is t'husband looking suitably attired. This T-shirt is always worn when there are messy jobs to do. I think if anyone comes round he can use this look to play the 'look how hard I am working' card.

In reality, I think the set up meant there was more time admiring progress rather than making any...

And here it is sans grout.

Just check out the quality of the workmanship round the toilet.

So 4 days, 90 cuts, 160 tiles and more than a pinch of swearing, tiling (with the exception of the grouting) ....done!

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