Monday, 24 August 2009


This weekend, due the t'husband being away biking, I went to catch up with some lovely people over at a friend's place in Chapel-en-le-Frith. Believe it or not, 'Chapel' is not en France but in the glorious High Peak. As t'husband was taking the car, I decided to take the train. It was a beautiful day and the views on the way over were wonderful. The train station is very sweet with a small cafe and and second hand furniture shop (mental note to visit again) and the walk from the station in Chapel was lovely. A long winding track through lovely countryside.

It felt like you were in the middle of nowhere and as I couldn't see a single house which was beautiful but also slightly worrisome as if I was in the middle on nowhere I was not suitably equipped for a hilly hike having only a wallett, camera and a bunch of these for the wonderful hostess.
Our hosts have also spent the last few years renovating a wonderfully grand Victorian house. In the giddiness of seeing friends, some of which I hadn't seen for a while, as well as all their beautiful offpsring [below and here] I forgot to snap photos of their house or of anything else for that matter.

The house is lovely and they have some really great furniture. But the thing that made me most envious was the garden. It is perfectly formed for socialising. So much so that it even as a bar (complete with pumps and a dart board) in the old outhouses.

I wonder if t'husband now has similar plans for the Garden Room!!

As the weather was playing ball we spent most of it outside (hence lack of house photos I suspect), drinking cold beer, eating the most delicious food and catching up.

Thanks for a lovely weekend guys. We miss you all...

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