Monday, 17 August 2009

News just in...

I have just had a phone call from t'husband. The plumbers have been today to fit the downstairs WC sink (not yet fitted - heavy sinks and plasterboard walls don't go apparently) and get the pipe work in the main bathroom ready to plumb in the bath. They were going to check the plumbing and lay the pipework and then give us some time to fit the floor and then come back and connect it all up. However, in order to check the taps they have had to connect the bath anyway! Apparently it is easy enough to unhook and reconnect it once we get round to doing the floor but for the time being, and for the first time in over 6 months, we can have a bath. Right, I need to get some bubbles as I know what I am doing tonight!

In other bathroom news, we have also purchased a shower cubicle for here (aka top bathroom):

Fingers crossed it will be fitted at the weekend...yay! Plus, whilst buying the shower cubicle, we also found a really great flooring place. The owner was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, informative and his prices seem really, really good. On top of all that he also reminded me of Geppetto from Pinocchio, so I think we will be making a return visit sometime soon with a floor plan and measurements. I heart progress...

UPDATE: the sink is fitted but yet to be plumbed (funny size pipes apparently but isn't that always the way) and the bath was wonderful. We decided that last night was the soft launch (I was concerned the weight of the bath with the water in it would mean it would fall through the floor so limited the fill level) and when we have more time we will christen is properly and celebrate with bubbles (both the bath and champagne variety). I rush to add there will be no pictures of the launch. It is not 'that kind' of blog!

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