Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Staycation part 2 - Puppy not so much!

We had also agreed to babysit t'mother-in-laws dog during the week as she sunned herself in Greece (the M-I-L not the dog..sunning herself..). Here she is...

And because Rob was away on his honeymoon, his dad was playing golf and his mum has a bad knee, we offered to look after Jess too. Two can't be much harder than one can it??

They are both lovely dogs, well Meg is more than a little loopy but it seems to be the way with spaniels, but are both good natured. Until we introduced them. You can't see them both on the same photo but here they are exchanging looks.

Now it seems Meg has a bit of a jealous streak. Loves people and loves them so much that another dog is not allowed within at least a 2 metre radius. I now have some idea what it is like to be Britney Spears as everywhere I went, if Jess was in the vicinity, Meg would circle me constantly to make sure the 'pupparazzi' that is Jess came nowhere near. And if she did then there was the bully boy 'chesting'off and eventually the snapping. It was a diplomatic nightmare and affection had to be distributed cunningly in order not to bring on a 'situation'. This was the view around my legs most of the time during their visit. Just a blur of circling dog...

But the walks, despite the pouring rain, were lovely with much stick throwing (me), river swimming (the mutts) and even a token 'deposit' clear up by t'husband. Despite him achieving a ratio of 1 in about 10, I have high hopes now for our future offspring's nappy changes if they are left with their dad! Despite it all being a bit difficult having them together, once we had taken them home the house did feel a little empty.

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