Monday, 6 July 2009

Summer breeze makes me feel fine....

The recent spell of beautiful weather has definitely got me in the mood for summer and hankering after picnics, barbeques and living outside. Although we haven't a garden as such we do have a yarden and like everything else at The Money Pit it was in need of a bit of care. So this weekend was mainly, for me, given over to tackling the rather overgrown beds and giving it a good tidy. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any 'before' photos so my sense of achievement cannot be communicated in pictures but here it is after I had, for the time being, beaten the battle against the bush on the left which is trying to take over every bit of soil...

The offending bush of unknown type


Adopted gnomes

Hanging garden

Flower bed

Once it was all tidied it gave us a great excuses to use it and we had the lovely Claire and Rob over for dinner. There they are below at their wonderful wedding...

Had a really nice night and as we sat in the glow of the BBQ turned into open fire, with drinks and candle, as Claire said we could be anywhere. If the weather continues to be wonderful I am officially jumping on the staycation bandwagon. In fact, I will adhere to the letter by just having holidays at home.

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