Monday, 6 July 2009


In order to take my mind off much dust and other significant building problems, including the ongoing cellar leakage, I have been trying to add prettiness at home to distract myself. So I have been trying to buy a bunch of flowers each week. Writing that seems as if I am being very extravagant but the proviso with this wanton need for blooms is tempered by the fact that they should cost less than a still might be considered an unnecessary extravagance but I can't describe how much I love having flowers in the house. I end up going into rooms just to look at them. Here are some of the latest...

Sweet William



Okay the roses were not under a fiver. They were an anniversary gift from t' you can see the rose bush outside is doing well so I have roses in and out. I am just too lucky....
Also, bought some peonies from M&S British range which have been beautiful but didn't snap them at their best and now they look a little faded.

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