Thursday, 18 June 2009


As this is a place where I can keep a record of things I love, things want in my home or just find inspiring it is only fitting that I include this...

It is my mum at my childhood home in the 1970s. Isn't she lovely? This is what one of her oldest friends said about her and I couldn't agree more.

Your Mum is probably the most amazing person I know! Despite lots of setbacks in her life, she never complained and would keep things to herself so as not to upset anyone else. Wherever she lives, her door is always open, especially to people in need of advice and/or tender loving care.
She is fun and easy to be with, she is the epitome of compassion, she is smart, a great cook, extremely efficient and one feels secure in her presence. Last but not least, how many people would 'jump start' a new career in their forties? None that I know of! I am proud to be a friend of hers and I wish her lots of good things for now and in the future.

Love you Mum xx