Friday, 24 April 2009

House's all about the bikes!

Image courtesy of Rick 'Retro' Milner

One of the reasons that we moved house was in order to allow t'husband to completely indulge his love of biking by having his own workshop. However, it seems that the biking love means the house is loved a little less currently due to our weekend committment to Brownbacks.

Now although I am want to grumble about Brownbacks when it takes time away from him doing 'man's' work around the house, I loved the first race as I mention here but as I am in some small way helping with the marketing and pr for the event it really pleases me when we get some coverage for the races. There is a really nice write up on Singletrack's website which you can read here, have a look at a few photos here or see more photos and a few more words on the event below...clcik to enlarge.

We have a weekend off the biking this weekend before the 2nd race on Monday 4 May. Get your entries in! Mum, I guess you don't fancy giving it a go??

And because the biking thing seems to not only punted the house into runner up for things to do at the weekends, you know behind biking, sleeping, entertaining and staring out our toes, here is some house loveliness to remind me (or really t'husband) that I want my house to be as lovely as day!

Image from Domino (RIP) I think?

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