Friday, 25 September 2009


Found on HomeShoppingSpy - where else!

The person who designed this obviously thinks very much like me! But I think coffee might come first for me. Perhaps I could place it above the aforementioned fireplace. I already have the typewriter (thanks to Aly and Jolly - how are you guys? Long time no see).

The teapot (or is it a coffee pot?) is very similar to one that my mum's Thai friend Pom used to use when we would visit her as children and she would make us delicious (and I thought very exotic) Earl Gray tea from leaves not bags. Her house always smelt delicious. And being from abroad and probably not used to the British weather she had wonderful heated, parquee floors which to a chilly individual like myself were amazing and obviously way ahead of their time compared to normal UK houses.

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  1. good thanks hope you can make it over for the bonfire party x