Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Living Room - Fireplace project...

So one of the rooms that was least affected by the house being repossessed from the previous owner (for least affected perhaps read cheapest to get sorted) was the living room. Here it is prior to repossession and what it looked like when we moved it ......

So as you can see the first project was to put back the fireplace. Th'husband managed to put all that time that he spends surfing the net to good use and scored a fireplace for a great price on ebay. We didn't like the original tiles so replaced them and job's a good 'un. Here's a preview of the new tiles...

And here the fire is installed and plastered. Unfortunately, we couldn't wait until it was all finished to light it as we missed having a fire. Especially on those cold evenings.

Yes that is a bottle of yummy red wine next to it. Well we were celebrating the fire lighting. Not sure if the warm glow created was the achievement of having completed something, the heat from the fire or the rosiness caused by a few glass of warming red. Probaby a combination of all the above.

Oh and here it is after a few coats of paint in the light of day. Just now need to re-fix the picture rail and skirting boards and this project is done. Will post a final picture once joinery is all complete!

Hours taken: many if you count all the time it took to find the fireplace and the time it took our great friend Al to go and collect it. (I swear the address said Northants Al, I swear). But one day to install, sweep, fix chimney plus a few hours painting.

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